Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ong Bak 3: Name Your Fighters!

Got contacted by Magnet Releasing, a division of Magnolia specializing in the distribution of "the wild, unquantifiable and uncompromised." Sounds exciting, and the reason they were reaching out to me was to help promote Ong Bak 3, the newest in the series starring Thai sensation Tony Jaa (if you aren't checking these out, you really need to get to it!).

For starters, head on over to Facebook to see what these guys are up to. In this post, you can name your Ultimate Fighting Dream Team to win an OB3 Poster signed by Tony and Thai Action DVD pak. Runner-up wins the DVD Pak.

As for me, my dream team would probably include Bruce Lee, of course, and Jim "Blackbelt Jones" Kelly. But I'd have to throw in Ron "the Black Dragon" Van Clief and I'd consider, naturally, Kwai Chang Caine. Maybe I could envision a lost episode of Kung Fu in which these actors all star in an episode. Bruce would play a Chinese Shaolin friend of Caine's and the black actors would have to play old west types - former slaves? Persecuted freemen? Wait wait, I got it - Caine stumbles upon a settlement in which a Shaolin monk is sheltering African Americana and training them to protect themselves with kung fu. Oh, the possibilities!

Do head over to Facebook, y'all and submit or vote on your fighting dream team. Meanwhile...

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