Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Couple of Great Overlooked Martial Arts Scenes

Hey, guys. I've been a crap blogger lately, and I hope you forgive me - all three of you! I've got a write up on the last couple episodes of Season One to hammer out and a good idea for a post on some great martial arts reading. Meanwhile I was clicking around in search of some little known fight scenes from past movies and I found a couple of gems I wanted to share. It's always interesting to see the scenes of martial arts that started appearing in western movies. If you haven't seen Jimmy Cagney whopping ass with judo in Blood on the Sun, please do say, and cross reference it with Spencer Tracy chopping down bad guys in Bad Day at Black Rock. But let's not forget how Frank Sinatra chopped and kicked his way through The Manchurian Candidate.

Nor this great scene from a little known movie with Robert Ryan and Harry Belafonte called Odds Against Tomorrow. Recognize anyone else in this clip? I'll give you a hint... you might want to "mash" your brain a bit.

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